Representation with Tax Agency

Our services include various types of representation with the IRS. These are mainly for:

Delinquent Tax Returns.

We represent the taxpayers in cases where several years of tax returns have not been filed by him/her. The first thing has to be to make an honest attempt to prepare all past due tax returns and pay or enter into an installment agreement with the tax agency for the past due taxes. The abatement of taxes, interest and penalties are unlikely except if there are any IRS or state amnesty programs in place or the taxpayer’s economic conditions dictate that he/she has no money to pay this time.

Past due taxes and Collection  

We represent you in all collection matters and help you with dealing/communicating with revenue agents who are demanding payments of tax due. However, we educate our taxpayers that if the tax liability exist it has to be paid but we can always work out an installment plan or one-time settlement
depending on individual circumstances and acceptance by the tax agency.

Audit Services

Tax returns of income in and outside U.S. are audited when the IRS determines that tax positions taken on the tax returns is not in accordance with the tax law. The audits are not simple and complex to handle. The taxpayer must be truthful in disclosing all information required and cooperating with the tax agency. If such disclosures can criminally affect a taxpayer, he/she will be advised to hire an
attorney to represent them.

It is not always the position that the tax agency position is correct and in accordance with the tax law. Such situations will require a challenge of the decision in the Tax courts after satisfying the due process of various stages of appeals available to the taxpayer.