Tax Return Preparation for U.S. Citizen or resident

Our services provide you with guidance and fulfillment of your reporting and compliance obligations. Taxpayers often make a mistake of doing the complex tax returns requiring foreign income and assets reporting themselves causing inaccurate filing and reporting. Our services provide you peace of mind that assures you of timely filing and minimizing your taxes in accordance with the most updated tax laws, saving good amount of your hard-earned money. We also represent our taxpayer’s client with tax agencies in civil matters.

Streamline Foreign and Domestic Offshore Filings

Our professionals provide complete guiding in availing filing under foreign and domestic offshore streamline filing for delinquent taxpayers. We can go back up to last seven years of your delinquent tax return filings.

Single or Multiple State tax returns

Generally, a U.S. Expatriate is not required to file a state tax return. However, if
he/she has nexus in a state due to any income which may require a state tax return
to be filed. Our professionals can assist our taxpayer clients with single or multiple
state tax return filings if required.

Advisory and Consultation –

Our tax services are categorized under three levels of tax planning and filing, namely:

Streamline Filing or any Amnesty filing Services

United States tax agencies time to time offer various amnesty or other filing programs for delinquent taxpayers. These are complex and require knowledge of the scheme or program offered by the tax agencies. We are prepared to provide any services when such opportunities exist and currently the Streamline offshore filing is available for delinquent taxpayers living in U.S. or abroad.