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Our online tax preparation services gives you options to let you file your taxes online from the comfort of your home with help from an online tax expert. Even if you’re filing from outside New York or you are holidaying abroad, we’ve got you covered.
Mytax on line service a division of Sadh & Associates LLC provides you a option to do your taxes diferently. The conventional method is to visit your CPA office but Mytax privet you an option to do your taxes on line with similar or better experience and service. Mytax online service is different than soft wear preparing your taxes. An actual person will prepare your taxes and be available online to answer all your questions. Several individuals and families and out of NYC taxpayers prefer to use their time more efficiently and will like an online service and not doing guess work on a soft wear.

What you need to do?

1. Schedule Your Appointment:
Scheduling an appointment allows us to work with you one on one and to provide you with the highest level of privacy while respecting your time.
When you book your appointment you will notice that we offer a 3-day booking buffer. This allows you enough time to complete the tax intake process and also time to gather and submit your tax documents through email or website.
Click Here to book an appointment.

2. View The Organizer Form:
Please fill out the organizer completly as thoroughly as possible. If you need some help compiling your tax source documents? You can always ask our tax expert for tax document checklist as your guide for compiling your tax documents. Please complete the tax organizer and compiliation spreadsheets that are applicable to your tax situation.
Click Here to download the Organizer form

3. Gather & Upload your tax documents:
Once you have compiled all of the documents that are applicable to your tax situation please submit them along with your completed tax organizer to us through email or website.
If you want you can also fax them using our secure electronic fax at . Your information will come directly to us. Upload Your Documents

4. We will personally call you At Your Given Time:
Our Tax Expert will call you on your schedule appointment. Please be prepared to spend at least 30 minutes during this appointment.
Should we have questions regarding your documents or tax organizer we will email you prior to your appointment to gain clarity. This helps us maximize your time during your appointment. The beauty of our firm is the ability to provide you with excellent service from the comfort of your home at your convenience.
If you want you can also fax them using our secure electronic fax at 2129371902. Your information will come directly to us.

5. Settle Your Account:
You will receive an invoice for your tax preparation services. Payment must be remitted in full prior to the submission and release of your taxes. Your tax return will be electronically submitted upon your review and settlement of your account. PayNow

So Get started with MyTax online Service.